Kerry LowLow

Kerry LowLow

Brief: Devise poster ads around ‘food to feel good about’ for the launch of the Snack Pack, convenient food for those on the go. Target audience are busy women aged 25-35.

The following were concepts I worked on that would be accompanied by images to support the copy. I'm particularly fond of the 'racier options'. 

Poster copy options:

Racier options

1. For people who’d rather pull a cracker than pack a snack (Girl kissing good looking guy)

2. For when the night before becomes the morning after… we’ve prepared the perfect snack so you don’t have to. (Girl doing walk of shame)

3. When a banana just won’t do it for you (innuendo) - (could have a bored looking girl staring with dismay at banana). Grab a snackpack. 

4. When nuts aren’t up for grabs (a woman surrounded by other women).

5. For people who made more than sandwiches last night. Gorgeous girl eating snackpack with grin on her face.

Other, less racy options:


For people who let things get in the way of making snacks.

Snack Pack, the perfect snack. Food to feel good about.

7. (LIE IN)

For people with more important things to do in the morning.

Snack Pack, the perfect snack for when life gets in the way. Food to feel good about.


For people with more appetite than time.

Snack Pack, the perfect snack for when life gets in the way. Food to feel good about.


For people whose night before becomes the day after.

Snack Pack, the perfect snack for when life gets in the way. Food to feel good about.


TV ad concepts:

Brief: Devise TV ad for theme of ‘food to feel good about’.


Being happy and feeling good makes others feel good about themselves and can impact their day. Pay if forward idea.

Show a woman walking down the street, a guy smiles at her, she’s given a bit of a boost. We follow her, she stops off to buy her morning coffee, she tips the girl behind the counter and smiles, the girl is delighted, then we follow the girl who does something good for someone else and the trail of good continues on.

You make an impact in everything you do. Spread the good. LowLow, food to feel good about.

2. Idea: SCIENCE

The science of being happy - Show the scientific benefits around smiling and being happy, goose bumps, increased heart rate, smiling makes others smile.

Some children smile up to 400 times a day, most adults only smile up to 20 times a day.

Smiling can make you healthier, reduce stress and increase mood enhancing hormones.

One smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate. Smiling is as stimulating as receiving up to 16k.


This could cross over with a strong online campaign where people are asked to Tweet #whatmakesyoufeelgood

Ask people….What makes you feel good? Do a confessional/ testimonial type ad with them. Could also reveal the answers first and then the question at the end. Comments like these….

Licking the spoon after baking

When I actually look good in a picture

My tattoo of Jim Morrison

Tears of joy

The way little kids hold onto your finger instead of your whole hand

Putting on pyjamas after a long day

Listening to someone’s heart beat

When someone shows you how much they care

Sliding across the floor in my socks


Doesn’t compare herself to others – surrounded by skinny girls in the gym, looking happy

Does not believe in failure, only challenges – giving a speech

Likes what she sees in the mirror – smiling back at herself

Isn’t afraid to cry – sad movie, tears rolling

Has heros – her with someone she admires, mother?

Isn’t afraid to be honest – friend with awful outfit, Holly tells her the truth

Loves what makes her different – maybe she’s two different coloured eyes