LUAS (Spoof, just for fun)

LUAS has been on strike a lot lately. It's annoying. Here are some alternative campaign ideas by me, the copywriter, and Jonty O'Neill, the designer. 

Our work made it into Broadsheet, link here, but more importantly, Dustin the turkey retweeted it. Can die happy. 


Instead of the LUAS:

LUAS Cruises:

What should we do with the trams whilst they're on strike? Turn them into cruise trams of course.

Brochure copy: 

LUAS cruises: Holiday on an on-strike tram

Food and dining

Dining on board a LUAS cruise tram is a joyful celebration. Every dish is sourced locally from whatever fast-food joint is closest to the next stop.

Passengers wishing to dine are advised to run as fast as they can to their restaurant of choice once the LUAS stops. The tram will wait for five minutes. In that time, we advise passengers to order and pay for their food, and then run back to the tram at high speed so they can enjoy their delicious food in relaxation.

“I managed to grab a kabab from the Abrakababra near Jervis. Sprinting there and back nearly killed me, but jayzus I enjoyed that kabab. It was surprisingly not gross when sober,” Dave, 42, housewife.


The night is yours to have fun. We’ve a carriage dedicated to music and dancing.

Please note that erratic or overzealous dance moves are not advised on the LUAS cruise due to limited floor space in the carriage. However, standing in one spot whilst gently swaying your hips and pointing either up or down is not only permitted, but encouraged.

“I got the shift at the disco night,” Anne, nurse, Galway.

Every Sunday we’ve a special guest! Meet the woman behind the voice

LUAS cruises is delighted to welcome, Regina, the woman who announces what stops are coming next. She’ll be available for signing of LUAS tickets every Sunday, after the showing of Fair City in the carriage two away from the driver.


Play pin the tail on the LUAS stop. Let our staff blindfold, spin you and ask you to place a pin in the LUAS map on one particular stop. There will be prizes of LEAP cards for the closest pinner (not valid during strike time).

Especially for our native south side passengers, learn how to speak like a local by taking some reverse elocution lessons. Johnno from Rialto will teach you red line local colloquialisms such as ‘slash, minge,’ and ‘off me f*cking box’.


With so many exciting destinations to explore, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

  • Visit Tallaght, the new Caribbean, a place with wild horses and even wilder locals.
  • Go to Ranelagh and see houses that you’ll never be able to afford.
  • Get off at Dundrum for a shopping experience that’ll make you hot, sweaty, and detesting of children.

We look forward to welcoming you on LUAS cruises. Please keep an eye on the news for next LUAS on-strike/cruise dates. 


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